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Read how we paid off $68,000 in 3 years.   Tactics used by millions to get out of Debt

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A short ebook that gives more details and tactics on how we got out of $68,000 of debt.

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2 Responses to We Got Outta Debt ebook

  1. Doug Dunn says:

    I highly recommend this book to ANYONE who has ever had ANY questions about REAL and PRACTICAL solutions to dealing with debt. It is written addressing real life issues with real life solutions, and even better, is doesn’t sound like its from a Harvard MBA grad, but rather an intellegent indivdual who has been living in the same hard financial reality as the rest of us and he has found ways to make sure he not only GOT ahead of the curve, but gives great plans on how to STAY THERE! In todays economy, you HAVE to live by many of these principles……unless of course you enjoy living paycheck to paycheck! Great Read!!

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