Identity Theft: Seniors and Apartments

Identity Theft.  It’s been around for ages, but has certainly gotten much more prevalent in the Internet Age. Just like my recent post on Internet Security, ID theft can be a real mess to clean up, but taking some precautions will definitely help mitigate problems.

Consider these two stories.  ‘Bill’ is a 84-years young widower.  He lives part time in Florida in a retirement community and ‘Summers’ with his family in Virginia.
Tom is a 44-year older divorced father of a young son who lives in a MegaComplex in Houston, TX.


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Credit Card Debt Poll

I came across a recent poll from that asked people their thoughts on how much credit card debt is too much. As interesting as this question may seem, I think there are deeper layers to that.  The extreme school of … Continue reading

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Refinance … Done!

We just finalized our refinance on our 6.0% mortgage. As much as we would have liked to go to a 15-year note (per Dave Ramsey’s advice), we felt more comfortable with the 30-year.  Paying down on a 15 year note would obviously save us a ton of interest money and build equity faster, but the savings we gain (about $425/month) will be put to good use.

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Worried about running out of Cell phone minutes?

Are you still one of the folks who have a ‘Friends and Family’ Option on your plan?  Don’t have (or want) Unlimited Talk plans?

Google Voice

Check out Google Voice.  Whether or not you hate Google, there are some pretty nice features  you can take advantage of for saving money.  Anything from dropping Micro$oft Office products and using Google Apps to using their free email service (Gmail).

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It’s Team Effort

Initially, I had named the blog “I Got Outta Debt”. As someone so nicely pointed out “You didn’t do that all by yourself”.  And they were right.. my family, especially my wife had a considerable amount to do with getting us outta debt. Unfortunately, I already had the domain name, and having gone all Frugal, I wasn’t about to change the domain.. just the name.

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First post… Internet Account Security

Captain’s log…. Stardate…

 um.. well. Ok, so maybe that’s not the way to start the first ‘real blog post’.  So we’ll do something a little more meaty, something you might not see on a Personal Finance blog, although it does tie in.

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An exciting time

Gathering my thoughts about my first ‘real’ post. Check back soon!

For now, check out the ‘About the blog‘ page

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