Living your Retirement

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Lately I’ve been focusing on retirement for my wife & I.  We’re not ready for retirement yet, in terms of both age and money.  However, I do think we’re on a decent path to being ready financially.

With a good Financial Glide Path, we also need to think about what we would do when we aren’t working.  Both of us have been so busy with working and the day to day living, that we’ve not really thought much about what’s next.  Which got me thinking (usually a rare and dangerous thing) about how some current retirees are faring in the world.

There has been a lot of talk in the US about the high cost of Health Care and the decreasing likelihood that Social Security will be solvent.  So I wanted to find out some of the biggest concerns current retirees may have as they live their Retirement.

I understand that many people in their 60s and 70s may not be internet savvy, but I bet that many internet savvy people KNOW 60 or 70-year olds.  So, I’d like to find out what some of the biggest concerns/issues/challenges folks in that age range are experiencing.  I’d like your help.

If you’d like, leave a comment below so we can open a discussion.  If you’d rather not leave a comment for everyone to see, I’ve created a form you can use to send me a secure message by using this link.  As always, your email information will not be given away or sold.

I hope you’ll participate in this event and I will be publishing the findings along with some thoughts of my own.

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