Help me Pick the cover for my New book

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Hi everyone!  I’m putting the finishing touches on my next book and wanted some input. My graphic artists have given me these three proofs.  I have one I’m leaning towards, but would love some input from you.

The book is about Retirement Planning at various stages of your life.  I’m hoping to appeal to everyone from their 20s to their 60’s.

Leave your email below and I’ll select 5 people to receive a free copy of the book, once it’s published on Amazon!  As always, your email information will not be sold or given away!

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2 Responses to Help me Pick the cover for my New book

  1. Doug Dunn says:

    Joe, without question, I feel #1 is the most powerful. First thing is there arent a bunch of gray haired folks in it…if people look at retirement BEFORE they are gray, they will be ready when they ARE I would go with #1. Just my opinion.

  2. Mike R says:

    My eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be. Can you publish bigger images:>)

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