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I’m all about saving money.  Sometimes you need to spend a little to save a little. One of the bigger things we’ve done is pony up a few dollars for Amazon Prime.  We’ve been members for about 3 years now and have definitely saved on our free shipping.  With my mother, brother, his son, and my eldest daughter in Texas, getting gifts to them is pretty easy.  We have a poor planning tendency and as a results, realize that there’s a birthday we need to handle in the next day or so. How do we do this without going broke?

Enter Amazon Prime

Not only is the shipping free, but two-day shipping is free too. This definitely comes in handy when we’re late for a gift-giving event.  Even though we realize Christmas comes the same time every year, we don’t need the free two-day shipping, but not having to pay out $6 or more for shipping, definitely adds up.

Add to this our Kindle usage, we have another chance at some savings.  As a Prime member, we can get the loan of a book for Free from the Kindle Library.  Harry Potter anyone? (Well, we do have all of those books in hard cover, but still…)

In our quest to reduce our reliance on Cable TV, Prime has allowed us to try out some free streaming of shows.  To be honest, this is where it falls a little short.  Older shows are streamed.  I’m a big Stargate fan and I can catch streaming for both SG1 (10 years) and Atlantis (5 years) for free. The current shows are rental only.

But if you have a nostalgic streak, McGyver, ALF and a bunch of others are available for free.

Hit the link below to try out Prime free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to cancel.  See if it makes a difference in your shopping or viewing!

Amazon Prime – Free Shipping and Watch Over 40,000 Movies

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