Are you Creepy?

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I don’t mean the type of Creapy-ness that gets people looking at you oddly, or cause the judge to grant a Temporary Restraining Order.

The reliance on the credit card is that slippery slope due to laziness I wrote about earlier. When you use the credit card for daily purchases, many times you’ll neglect to include those in a monthly payoff to the card company. So you get a type of ‘credit card creep’.

Credit Care Creep is the act of having small purchases creep onto your credit card balance and never really go away. Consider the purchase of a TV. It’s $1000, for example. You know you spent $1,000 and (hopefully) have a plan on how to pay that portion of the card. But, if you’re like many people, you put smaller things on the card and never really recognize the card was used.

$3.50 for Shampoo? $13.00 for lunch out with co-workers? You don’t give it a second thought. So the amount stays on the card and continues racking up interest.   If you use a Credit Card, track your purchases and pay them off.    We take the time to go through each item in our receipts and categorize them in Quicken.  This helps us track to our budget.

Then, once a week, anything that was purchased on the card, is paid off.

What about you?  Are you Creepy?

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