Coming back in… Quicken goes mobile.. Internet Security

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Hello all… Been away a little while working on my regular job has kept be very busy these past few weeks.  I work for a Professional Services (aka Consulting) company that specializes in moving Organizations to Cloud Computing.  This is an extreme growth area that is getting a lot of media and investor attention.  And business is doing very well, which means there’s a ton of stuff to do.. leaving me less time for this blog.

I’ve always said ‘Better too busy than not busy enough’.  (More job security that way).

I wanted to post so that you knew we were still alive 🙂

And because I saw something I’ve been waiting for a while.  A mobile version of the venerable financial package Quicken!  Quicken 2013 will allow you to add transactions from your mobile device (Android, iOS) and sync to your Desktop Quicken file.  I’d been a casual user of Mint but hadn’t liked it’s inability to allow me to schedule recurring future transactions.  I like the idea of entering my transaction at the point of sale (i.e. grocery store, movies, etc).  Of course, splitting out the amounts for:

  • Groceries
  • Household
  • Medicine
  • Toiletries

on my mobile device does sound a little tedious.  I may do that portion at home.  What would be very beneficial is the ability to use Expensify which can scan/capture your receipt on a web or mobile device and have it sync to Mint or Quicken mobile would be way cool!  (Yes, I do have my propeller hat on).  

Anyway.. given my previous posts on Internet Security I’m still a little hesitant about going this route.  Knowing the industry as I do, I feel confident in the security in place with the systems I know and have worked with.  Not sure if I’m there with the more consumer based companies.

What about you? Do you feel confident in placing your financials ‘in the cloud’?

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