Credit Counseling & Financial Freedom

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You see the signs everywhere.. Credit Counseling.. Debt Reductions services..  Like most people, you tend to ignore the hand-written ones on the side of the road (I hope you do).

This story I saw reminded me of a time when we got out of debt (the first time).

While we weren’t $92k in the hole, we had much more debt than we felt comfortable with.  We also knew that we needed help, so we sought out Consumer Credit Counseling and it was great.  I know there are some horror stories of debts not being paid, amounts being incorrect, etc (even members of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling) our experience went well.

They helped us through the budgeting, contacted our credit cards and got us on a plan that got us out of debt. We finished the Debt Management Program ahead of schedule (thanks to selling a Rental property we had in Houston) and did pretty well staying debt free until we were dealt some Lemons. (That’s for another post).

The Big take away from this experience was the budgeting process.  This should be the first step of getting yourself out of debt.  Think of it  as a Road Map.  You know where you are (in Debt) and you know where you want to be (out of Debt).  The budget helps you get from here to there.. just like a roadmap.


The item I want you to take away from this is: If you decide you need help, don’t get it from a hand-written sign on the side of the road.


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