Worried about running out of Cell phone minutes?

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Are you still one of the folks who have a ‘Friends and Family’ Option on your plan?  Don’t have (or want) Unlimited Talk plans?

Google Voice

Check out Google Voice.  Whether or not you hate Google, there are some pretty nice features  you can take advantage of for saving money.  Anything from dropping Micro$oft Office products and using Google Apps to using their free email service (Gmail).

I’ve used Google Voice for years.  This allows you to have a single number that people can call, and you decide where it rings, when it rings, and can even screen your calls.  For example, say you’re going to sell something on Craigslist and you don’t want to give out your home phone (or cell for that matter).  Set up a Google Voice number and use that number in your Craigslist ad or emails that respond to CL inquiries. If you get a call from a number, you have the option to screen the call before picking up.  You also can determine what phone a call should ring.

You can decide for people you know (Google Contacts) that they can ring directly through without a call screen.  Others, whom you don’t know, they get screened.  You can even set Google voice to a ‘Do Not Disturb’ for when.. well, you know.. don’t want to be disturbed.

How does this save me money?

So how do you stop worrying about cell phone minutes?  If you have a Friends/Family plan, you make the Google Voice number one of your ‘Friends’.  So, when the Google voice account calls you, those minutes are free!

I’ve spent hours on conference calls using my cell phone through Google Voice and those 200+ minutes don’t get charged to my account. You don’t need Internet at home set this up, but you do need internet to create your GVoice account.  There are also a GVoice App for Android and for iOS Devices.

So before you decide on switching to a Unlimited Talk plan, check out how Google Voice may work for you and save you some money.

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