It’s Team Effort

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Initially, I had named the blog “I Got Outta Debt”. As someone so nicely pointed out “You didn’t do that all by yourself”.  And they were right.. my family, especially my wife had a considerable amount to do with getting us outta debt. Unfortunately, I already had the domain name, and having gone all Frugal, I wasn’t about to change the domain.. just the name.

Getting her buy in and active participation was absolutely key.  But, whether you are single   or part of a larger unit (Family, Couple, etc), everyone being on the same page, working towards the same goal is vital to success.  To coin an overused phrase “There’s no I in Team“.  Yes, I know, there’s a ‘Me‘, but let’s not go there, shall we?

Sometimes it’s a simple effort of reminding the other person that there’s a goal, and we really shouldn’t go buy that new Big Screen TV even though it’s on sale.  A temporary Craigslist item will work until the debt is gone.  Yes, we had that temptation, because the old TV got to the point where the sun was always on the right side of the screen.  Of course, that ‘sun’ was really a bleeding yellow spot from the CRT going bad, but for a while, we convinced ourselves it was the sun. And yes, we did get one from Craigslist and it is still working, now as the Wii TV.

Being accountable to someone is important. If you’re single, trying to get out of debt alone, it’s much tougher.  You need someone to call you on getting off track.  Find a ‘Budget Buddy’, someone responsible you can bounce the ‘needs/wants’ off of; kinda like an AA Sponsor.  Some who’s not going to say “Dude.. just get the TV”.

On-line support forums, this blog (shameless plug for participation) can be great resources for people.  Put yourself out there and make the changes that you can make!



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2 Responses to It’s Team Effort

  1. Yes, it is a team effort. Glad you changed it before you have 4, 000 posts!

  2. Kathy says:

    You did a quick recovery on that one! And, actually, when someone goes to the site “I Got Outta Debt,” and sees the “We” in your new title, it will help drive home that one cannot accomplish this if there are two. And if the “other one” of the two is not willing to get on fully on board, you may be fortunate to at least not have them sabatoge your efforts. You may hear, “I don’t need to know – I trust you.” That is lovely, but it is tough because it is very easy to become the “budget police” and feel like you are always having to say “no” and that gets old. So… How does one persuade the other partner to become fully invested?

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